Keeping everybody in the loop!

Improve communication without compromise in productivity

Know it all is a Slack App designed to integrate JIRA and Slack keeping everybody in the loop. No more need to remember who should be notified. No more endless hours setting up your JIRA workflow.

About the App

Quick to Install

Install the JIRA plugin in your JIRA cloud account and from there request the Slack installation.

Easy to Setup

Setup @handle or #channel rules in your JIRA account.

Get in the loop

Let @pantomath tell you all about your project.

How to Install

Install JIRA Plugin

  1. Go to JIRA / Settings / Apps.
  2. Click manage apps.
  3. In the manage apps panel, click settings & select "Enable development mode".
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click "Upload app"
  6. Paste in the "from this url" field
  7. Click upload
  8. If all goes well the app will be installed

Install Slack bot

  1. Go to JIRA / Projects & select your project.
  2. Click Project Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Know it all & click it
  4. Click Slack button in the settings panel
  5. Flow the installation link